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This is a Diatomaceous Earth Deposit

We use 100% pure Perma-Guard which is Organic and OMRI Certified

From 600 deposits in the USA of Diatomaceous earth, only 4 are considered "Food Grade"  by the FDA standards. Other food grade diatomaceous earth deposits may contain contain higher amounts of  clay and sediments that may make them less effective  by clogging the pores of the fossilized shells. If this happens, the de effectiveness will be severely reduced. Perma-Guard works hard to have diatomaceous earth from the purest fresh water source. De is part of a "living green" lifestyle by being fossilized remains of microscopic shells created by one celled plants called DIATOMS.

Mineral PPM%Composition

Calcium 13000.13

Vanadium 40.0004

Magnesium 750.670.075067

Germanium 20.0002

Sodium 6800.068

Mercury 20.0002

Potassium 4780.0478

Cadmium 10.0001

Copper 40.0004

Lead 50.0005

Zinc 5.330.000533

Aluminum 11000.1100

Iron 9500.0950

Phosphorus 760.0076

Lithium 30.0003

Selenium 20.0002

Strontium 200.002

Silicon (Soluble) 21.670.002167

Barium 11.330.001133

Boron 70.0007

Gold 0.0670.0000067

Manganese 32.330.003233

Chromium 2.330.000233 

Cobalt 5.670.000567

Beryllium  0.050.000005

Tin  3.670.000367

Nickel 2.330.000233

Total Acid Soluble  0.5470117

Molybdenum 0.670.000067

Acid insoluble matrix  99.4529883  

Total Composition 100.0000000


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