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Privacy Policy

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Our Privacy Policy 

Our Promise to You
We at Behappy Products, LLC take the issue of your privacy very seriously. We collect no demographic user information, nor do we create ANY user profiles of any kind.

We will never give, sell or otherwise distribute your name, e-mail address or any other information you give to us to any organization or individual at any time.

Also, please note that we have partnered with hundreds of other sites in an effort to inform consumers about both our own privacy policy and of privacy issues in general. This partnership was spearheaded by and we applaud TrustE for this effort.




Our Payment Security Policy

Behappy Products, LLC has specifically contracted their shopping cart and payment and credit services through because of its noted acceptance as the online leader in payment security and processing.

The Authorize.Net Payment Gateway manages the complex routing of sensitive customer information through the credit card and electronic check processing networks (see an online payments diagram). The company adheres to strict industry standards for payment processing, including:

  • 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology for secure Internet Protocol (IP) transactions.

  • Industry leading encryption hardware and software methods and security protocols to protect customer information.

  • Compliance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard.

For additional information regarding the privacy of your sensitive cardholder data, please read the Authorize.Net Privacy Policy ].

In addition to your account receiving at NO additional cost, $100,000 worth of credit card insurance protection through Traveler's Insurance Company, maintains the following Proprietary Security Policy, the highest in the internet industry:

Protection Against Theft
Your private account information is stored on a server that is protected both physically and electronically.

Physical Protection
Our servers are stored in a locked steel cage at one of Global Crossing's highly secure Global Centers. Key security features provided by Global Crossing include:

•Triple-redundant power, air and fire suppression systems.
•Four-spot seismically secured racks.
•On-site staff monitoring and maintaining systems and security 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.
•Special security features such as biometric hand scanners, ramming bollards, laser sniffers and bulletproof glass.

Electronic Protection

Our servers are NOT directly connected to the Internet. They sit behind a firewall, which ensures that private financial information is available only to messages from authorized computers.

Protection Against Electronic Eavesdropping

When you communicate with PayPal through your computer's web browser, your interactions are automatically protected by Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Before you register for our service or before you login to your account, our server checks to make sure you're using one of the approved browsers. We only support browsers that use SSL 3.0 or higher.

Protection Against Misdirected Payments

As part of our standard verification process, we send a 20-digit confirmation number to every email address that users submit to us during registration or after logging in to their accounts. This confirmation number allows us to verify that the person claiming that email address actually receives email at that address.